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The CU technical regulations 'Safety of the Motorways' came into effect.

The CU technical regulations 'Safety of the Motorways' came into effect.


As of February, the 15th, the technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU) 'On safety of the motorways' came into effect, having being approved by the CU Board Decision # 827 as of July, the 20th 2011​.

The technical regulations establish the minimal requirements necessary to ensure the safety of roads, as well as the processes of their design, construction, capital repair and operation, and also provide forms and procedures for assessing their compliance therewith.

Given the accepted practices, including European ones, the transitional periods for document entry into force were established. The opportunity to produce and release into distribution goods compliant with the mandatory requirements established earlier by Customs Union (CU) and Common Economic Space (CES) regulatory legal acts or legislation by a CU Member State and CES has been provided up to the September 1st, 2016, given the documents on the compliance of the products with said mandatory requirements were issued and accepted before February 15, 2015. The circulation of such products is allowed within its service life period set forth as per the CU and CES Member State legislation.

The documents on the products' compliance with said mandatory requirements established by the CU and CES as well as CES Member State legislation issued or accepted with regard to the products being an object of technical regulations as per the technical regulations before entering into force are valid before their service-life expiration but not later than September 1, 2016. 

As of the public release date of October 21, 2011 for the technical regulations 'On safety of the roads' at the official EEC web-site on the Internet, the manufacturers, importers, the compliance authorities of the CU of said products were provided an opportunity of getting acquainted with the application of the unified requirements specified in the technical regulations and getting ready for their subsequent stage-wise implementation.

After February 15, 2015, the issuance or the acceptance of the documentation on compliance assessment (validation) of the products with the mandatory requirements established earlier by CU and CES regulatory legal acts or CU and CES Member State legislation is not permitted.

The requirements contained in the technical regulations are harmonized with the EEC UN (Geneva) European Agreement on Main International Traffic Arteries (AGR) dated November 15, 1975, EEC UN Convention on Road Traffic (Vienna) dated November 8, 1968, EEC UN Convention on Traffic Signs and Signals (Vienna) dated November 8, 1968, EU Directive 2004/54/EC as of April 29, 2004, Agreement laying down the maximum authorized weights and dimensions for certain vehicles in international traffic within within the CIS Member States dated June 4, 1999.

The Objects of technical regulation based on the technical regulations are:

- Newly constructed, reconstructed, capitally repaired and operated public roads and road facilities on them, including the elements of arrangement (objects of road and roadside service are regulated only by their location), as well as related processes of design, construction, reconstruction, capital repair and operation of motorways and road facilities;

-used road construction materials and goods.

The assessment of the motorways' compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations at every stage of their service life shall be executed:

a) during the engineering research and development of project documentation for roads - in the form of an expert study;

b) during the construction, reconstruction and major repairs of roads - in the forms of construction (production) monitoring over the implementation of works, intermediate acceptance of road construction works and/or the structural elements of complete objects or their certain sections, as well as their acceptance and commissioning;

c) during the operation of roads, their road facilities and the elements of arrangement - in the forms of monitoring the state of the road and their road facilities and elements of arrangement, as well as acceptance of the work performed on their repair and maintenance;

d) for road-building materials and products - in the forms of the test (input control) and conformity with technical regulations. 

Confirmation of the road-building materials and products' compliance with the CU technical regulations established - in the form of certification (against schemes 1c and 3c), in the form of a declaration of conformity (against schemes 1d, 3d and 4d).

Issues related to application of the requirements of technical regulations, including the technical regulations 'Safety of the Roads' are published for all concerned on the official EEC website on the Internet in the section 'Answers to the relevant questions on implementing the technical regulations'. 


For the Purposes of Implementing the CU technical regulations 'Safety of the Roads' the EEC Commission Board approved the following acts:

The list of standards which, if voluntarily applied, result in compliance with the requirements of the CU technical regulations ‘Safety of the Motorways’ (A decision by the CU Commission #159 dated September 18, 2012);

The list of standards containing the rules and methods of analysis (test methods) and measurements, including the sampling rules necessary for application and execution of the CU technical regulations ‘Safety of the Roads’ and goods compliance (validation) (Decision #159 by the CU Commission dated September 18, 2012);

Programme on design (amendment, revision) of the cross-border standards which, if voluntarily applied, result in meeting the requirements of the CU technical regulations 'On safety of Roads' and also the cross-border standards containing rules and methods of analysis (tests) and measurements, including those of sampling needed to apply and implement the requirements of the CU technical regulations ‘On safety of Roads’ and make the goods compliance assessment (validation). (Decision by the EEC Board #81 dated June 13, 2012 as amended by EEC Board Decision #263 dated November 18, 2013).

A Draft Decision by the EEC has been prepared on Excluding from the Unified Register goods subject to the mandatory compliance confirmation, with issue of the certificate of compliance and declaration of conformity against the common form, products covered by the CU technical regulations ‘On Safety of Roads’.​