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EEC continues creating favorable competitive environment for EAEU business

EEC continues creating favorable competitive environment for EAEU business

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 ​This was told by Arman Shakkaliev, Member of the Board in charge of Competition and Antitrust Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission, during the specialized session of the Annual Antitrust Forum of the Russian Corporate Counsel Association "Healthy Economy – Healthy Competition". According to him, the proactive antitrust regulation applied by the Commission, including the "soft law" tools – warnings and cautions and the antitrust compliance system, is designed to shape relevant mentality among business representatives.

"A high level of confidence, understanding and interaction is the key to creating a space of legal predictability," Arman Shakkaliev noted.

Today, the "soft law" tools developed and introduced to the EAEU law become an important element of antitrust regulation: issuing warnings and cautions will enable restoring competition in transboundary markets without long-term and expensive administrative procedures.

The Commission's warnings will require market participants to stop actions that have any signs of violations of the general rules of competition. The market participant that complies with the warning requirements will not be held liable and will avoid penalties.

The Commission’s caution can be issued to a person if he/she publicly declares (for example, in the media, at conferences or during presentations) about any planned anti-competitive behavior in transboundary markets.

The Commission's Antitrust Unit made start toward elaborating a Code of Good Practices for Interaction between Retail Chains and Suppliers to prevent violations of competition rules in the network retail market. This document is considered as a set of recommended rules which should become an efficient tool for self-regulation of relations between manufacturers, suppliers and retail chains.

Rules for determining the country of origin of certain types of goods for public procurement purposes elaborated by the Commission last year and entered into force on January 12 this year were mentioned by the Board Member as a positive example of mutually beneficial cooperation between the EEC and the business community.

Aliya Jumabayeva, Director of the Department for Competition and Public Procurement Policy, and Aleksey Sushkevich, Director of Antitrust Regulation Department, attended the discussions on the Forum’s sidelines on behalf of the Eurasian Economic Commission as well.