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EEC to support printing industry of Union countries

EEC to support printing industry of Union countries


On November 24, the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Board zeroed the rate of import customs duty on certain types of photographic plates and films for a period of three years. Nowadays the duty rate is 5%.


In the case of photographic plates, this entails one of the most important components for offset printing. They include a thin metal or polymer substrate whereon there is a photo- or heat-sensitive receiving layer and other auxiliary layers. Offset printing plates are used for manufacturing packaging, book and magazine and newspaper products. So, printing companies that print medium and long runs are primary consumers of such plates.


However, there are no production facilities to manufacture offset printing plates in the Eurasian Economic Union States and no relevant investment projects are planned to be implemented in the medium term. Therefore, the demand for this product is covered by the exclusive use of import and zeroing the duty will help reduce costs of printed products and increase competitiveness of printing industry enterprises.


"Nowadays, the printing industry is experiencing a challenging situation characterized by a slump in demand across the entire range of products, including print media and book publishing industry, advertising and commercial sectors. The adopted decision will enable reducing prices for a wide range of printing products, including textbooks and children's literature", noted Vahagn Ghazaryan, Director of the EEC Tariff and Non-tariff Customs Regulation Department.​