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EEC Council approved list of services to form EAEU ecosystem of digital transport corridors

EEC Council approved list of services to form EAEU ecosystem of digital transport corridors


The EEC Council has approved a list of services and digital infrastructure, the implementation of which is required to form and launch the ecosystem of digital transport corridors (EDTC) in the Eurasian "five" countries. The ecosystem is scheduled to be formed by 2025.


"The EAEU ecosystem of digital transport corridors is designed to help business partners to exchange logistics information across the entire supply chain in an efficient secure environment as well as to ensure legally binding electronic interaction with authorized bodies within countries and on a worldwide basis", said Gegham Vardanyan, Member of the Board – EEC Minister in charge of Internal Markets, Information Support, Information and Communication Technologies.


The document approved by the EEC Council includes priority services the EAEU Member States have expressed interest in.


For instance, this entails a digital map and database of major highways and infrastructure facilities of international transport corridors running through the Member States territories. This service enables obtaining official, reliable and promptly updated cartographic information.


The list also includes a service for booking motorway infrastructure facilities as well as queues at a road checkpoint, a service for remote medical examination of motor vehicle drivers, including prevention and control of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection, and a service for using an electronic international waybill for railway and road transport. The service for using an electronic waybill and an electronic protocol for weight and dimensional control was approved.


Therefore, the EAEU continues implementing a time-phased action plan for forming the ecosystem of digital transport corridors. It was approved by the Disposition of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council dated January 31, 2020.


The ecosystem of digital transport corridors is an open digital environment for exchanging logistics information that includes a large number of digital platforms and information systems owned by both operators and (or) business and public authorities. The ecosystem integrates information about transport organizations, crew, cargo, permits, and accompanying documents at all stages of transportation, as well as process operations.

The project is aimed at refusing paper support for transport and logistics operations and absolute switching to data exchange, creating common standards for transport and logistics services as well as switching to an end-to-end integrated surveillance system based on data analysis, which removes much of the administrative burden from carriers.

The project is expected to be implemented in stages. This includes preparing a regulatory framework, implementing pilot projects, the technical design of national and supranational segments, drafting standards and modernizing existing information systems.

It is planned to organize the maximum use of already-existing commercial and government platforms or commercial and government platforms that are being developed, within the EDTC. These include systems of the Union’s customs authorities, state platforms of the EAEU countries’ transport complexes, systems for charging fees for the use of transport infrastructure facilities, commercial logistics platforms and forwarding services, automated systems of carriers and services of logistics centers, financial and insurance services. At the same time, it is planned that the list will be updated with new services on a periodic basis.​