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EAEU introduced temporary measures for product certification

EAEU introduced temporary measures for product certification


In order to prevent a shortage of products in the common market and minimize the pandemic consequences for business, the EEC Council has introduced special procedures for assessing the product conformity in the EAEU. These are temporary measures introduced for a period of one year and are used for certifying mass-produced products.

The need for this decision is related to the protracted nature of the pandemic and the introduction of limited measures for movement between countries. The temporary measures were proposed as part of developing a new package of initiatives to promote economic development amid the pandemic.

The document establishes uniform procedures for assessing the conformity of products amid the pandemic in the EAEU and was drafted in furtherance of the measures proposed by the Commission within the Union law in April this year.

In particular, the Union’s industrial complex is allowed to use test protocols issued within international accreditation and certification systems for highly technical products required for implementing priority infrastructure projects or organizing new manufacturing lines.

Remote assessment will be the main tool that will facilitate the implementation of certification procedures. This is a remote method which provides a production status analysis as well as identification and selection of products without visiting the site of manufacture or sampling products by the certification body experts by using video conferencing. Along with that, the procedure and conditions for using remote assessment have been defined.​