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EAEU countries unify requirements for imported breeding stock

EAEU countries unify requirements for imported breeding stock


On December 22, the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Board approved the recommendation "On uniform approaches to classifying farm animals and their products (material) as pedigree stock".

The Eurasian Economic Union States have been recommended, in particular, to control the quality of pedigree stock imported from third countries. Besides – to classify farm animals as pedigree stock according to the conclusion of the Member States’ authorized authorities as well as to provide conditions whereby breeding animals and their products subject to import have identification numbers, are not carriers of certain genetic diseases and are accompanied by relevant documents containing information for further use in selective breeding work.

Since the average level of productivity of breeding herds is substantially different in the Union countries, the recommendation provides for the possibility for the Member States, if required, to establish additional requirements for the quality of imported breeding products. For example, to its minimum productivity and breeding value.

The recommendation provisions adjust the requirements for imported breeding products with similar requirements applicable within the EAEU when it comes to genetic analysis, determining the breed and pedigree of farm animals, scope of information on breeding animals.

"Implementing the recommendation provisions by the Member States will ensure the unification of approaches to classifying farm animals and their products as pedigree stock, improving the quality of information provided about breeding products for its use in selective breeding work, minimizing the import of low-quality pedigree stock and carriers of genetic diseases," noted Artak Kamalyan, Member of the Board – Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture of the Commission.

The document has been prepared in accordance with the Treaty on the EAEU following consultations with representatives of authorized authorities, business and scientific organizations of the Union countries. According to experts, the Board's recommendation will have a positive impact on developing the Union’s selective work and trade in pedigree stock.​