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EAEU to form single market for organic products

EAEU to form single market for organic products

On October 20, the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Board approved the draft road map for forming a common market for organic agricultural products within the Eurasian Economic Union.

In light of growing global demand for organic products, it is essential that this trend develops in the Eurasian Economic Union countries as well and such EAEU products can enter third markets. Nowadays laws regulating legal relations in this field have been adopted and entered into force in all Member States.

The road map provides for elaborating a draft international treaty, which aims at establishing common legal requirements of the EAEU countries in the field of organic agriculture relating to production, marking, certification and importation of such products into the EAEU customs territory and ensuring mutual recognition of conformity assessment documents.

The EEC will build a dialogue with international organizations – the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL) as well as address issues of access of the EAEU organic products to third markets.

Artak Kamalyan, Member of the Board – EEC Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture, commented on the disposition adopted by the Commission’s Board: "Forming the single market for organic products meets the EAEU core objective – free circulation of goods and is primarily aimed at reducing the administrative burden on business in mutual trade within the Union."

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Organic farming is a form of farming that combines best practices in using natural resources, considering the region’s natural and climatic conditions, preserving biodiversity and applying high manufacturing standards that meet the requirements of a growing number of consumers of organic products obtained using natural substances and natural processes.​