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EAEU customs document structures updated

EAEU customs document structures updated


At an April 21 meeting, the EEC Board approved updated structures versions of the Eurasian Economic Union's main customs documents: declarations for goods, transit declarations, and their integral parts — adjustments to the goods declaration and customs value declaration. The classifiers used for filling them out were also amended.

In this regard, the Board members considered several items on the agenda at a time. Relevant amendments were introduced to three Decisions of the Commission's Board passed on January 16, 2018, and the Decision of the Customs Union Commission passed on September 20, 2010.

According to Baktybek Baiserkeev, Director of the EEC Customs Infrastructure Department, the decisions taken will allow us to synchronize the operation of the EAEU States' national information systems with the Union legal acts. This entails the issues related to the temporary periodic declaration of goods, using transportation (shipping), commercial and other documents as a declaration for goods, declaring goods imported from Serbia, Singapore, Iran, etc.

The versions updating results from the permanent and comprehensive work of the Eurasian Economic Commission to provide stakeholders with relevant and optimized structures that help implement new rules for filling out customs documents. This is being done by using updated versions of the parts of the Union's data model alongside with coded information necessary for the automated processing of customs data.​