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EEC assessed impact of draft decisions in the field of EAEU common jewelry market on business

EEC assessed impact of draft decisions in the field of EAEU common jewelry market on business

On October 15, the Working Group on Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), chaired by Timur Zhaksylykov, Member of the Board - Minister in charge of Economy and Financial Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission, considered the EEC draft decisions in the fields of regulating the circulation of jewelry, medicines and medical products as well as customs administration.

In particular, according to the RIA results of the EEC Council’s draft decisions on establishing uniform requirements for sampling, analyzing and marking of jewelry it is proposed to provide certainty about the date of its enactment, to hold further consultations with the industrial business community to discuss requirements for touchstone testing of jewelry as well as to exclude a possibility of enshrining in national legislation of other cases to select jewelry for analysis.

Following the RIA results of the EEC Board’s draft decision on approving the list of violations of the requirements for manufacturing jewelry, the Working Group paid attention to the need of applying this list only for information exchange between authorized public authorities. Otherwise, there may be created obstacles to mutual trade in jewelry.

Following the review of the draft new version of the Rules for Technical Testing of Medical Products, it is proposed to maintain the approach to applying standards when conducting such tests only on a voluntary basis.

The Working Group’s meeting has also considered the Commission’s draft decisions on amending the Union’s Rules of Good Manufacturing Practice ensuring the establishment of common approaches to the qualification and validation of medicines manufacturing and on providing the possibility of temporary import of sea vessels used in geological exploration without paying customs duties.

"All draft decisions of the Commission considered today are generally aimed at improving the business environment in the EAEU, creating and developing common commodity markets within our Union," Timur Zhaksylykov noted after the Working Group’s meeting.​