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Viktor Nazarenko, EEC Minister in charge of Technical Regulation, congratulated colleagues on World Standards Day

Viktor Nazarenko, EEC Minister in charge of Technical Regulation, congratulated colleagues on World Standards Day

Esteemed Colleagues!

On behalf of the Eurasian Economic Commission and in my personal capacity, I congratulate all managers and specialists who have linked their professional activities with the field of standardization on World Standards Day!

The importance of standardization for the global economy and its role in meeting the needs of business, industry, regulators and everyone around the world is beyond doubt. Modern achievements of science and technology enshrined in international standards have become the most important source of innovation and technological progress.

The World Standards Day motto in 2020 is "Standards to protect the planet"; it focuses our attention on the priority areas of standardization in the present-day realities.

Energy saving, water and air quality, resource recycling and modern technologies enabling the functioning of large cities and industrial facilities are the areas where, not just limited to industrial manufacturing, the application of standards becomes vital.

The standardization strategies being implemented by our countries help create new products and technologies, reduce the impact of industrial manufacturing on the environment and develop new areas that promote careful resource utilization and improve energy saving.

The Eurasian Economic Union Member States have identified the achievement of sustainable development goals as their priorities in their policy papers.

Improving energy saving and energy efficiency, solving existing environmental problems and sustainable development have been identified as one of the integration priorities of the Strategic Directions for Developing the Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025. This will be facilitated by combining efforts to create and use new technologies and innovations, including green technologies, renewable energy sources, bioengineering, and nanotechnology.

Please receive my sincere congratulations! I heartily wish you new achievements in creating a modern and harmonious standardization environment promoting the development of each person and society as a whole!

Kindest regards,

Viktor Nazarenko

Member of the Board – Minister in charge of Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission​