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The EAEU first digital initiatives are already under way

The EAEU first digital initiatives are already under way


"In the near future, the first project associated with digital traceability will be launched within the framework of the digital agenda of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). It creates conditions of mutual digital exchange and interaction primarily in the sphere of trade and certain benefits for government agencies," said Member of the Board - Minister in charge of Internal Markets, Informatization, Information and Communication Technologies of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Karine Minasyan at the 4th Eurasian Economic Congress.

According to the Minister, digital traceability will enable businesses, consumers and government agencies to track the whole movement of a particular product from the producer to the buyer and to simplify the interaction of all chain participants.

Karine Minasyan reminded that on October 11, Presidents of the EAEU Member States have approved the Main Directions of the Digital Agenda of the Union until 2025. “The document opened a new digital page in the Eurasian integration,” said the EEC Minister, “It has defined the scope of digital integration. In other words, we decided exactly where we would jointly implement the digital agenda. The document also contains implementation mechanisms. We decided to implement the agenda using the most reliable and quickest method through certain initiatives.”

Digital traceability of the movement of products, goods, services and digital assets of the Union is the first priority for our initiatives. Currently, six initiatives have already been approved. Five other initiatives deal with the digital commerce, digital transport corridors, digital industrial cooperation, data circulation agreement, and sandbox regulatory system.

According to rough estimates, implementation of the EAEU joint digital agenda will provide the Union with additional GDP growth of up to 1% per year, as well as nearly 8 million new jobs by 2025. In addition, combined efforts will allow the EAEU Member States to become full participants of the global digital market.

Karine Minasyan urged the representatives of expert and business communities to participate in the discussion of initiatives and projects aimed at digital agenda implementation and to come up with their own ideas in this field. "Any citizen or entrepreneur, business and the government agency can come to the EEC platform with its own digital initiative and be sure that we will consider it in accordance with the approved procedure," said Karine Minasyan.