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Union countries to jointly manufacture coronavirus vaccine

Union countries to jointly manufacture coronavirus vaccine


It bears reminding that some issues of the Union’s medicine safety amid the coronavirus pandemic were addressed at the meeting of the Heads of the EAEU States held in April last year, when discussing the current situation in the manufacturing industry. The meeting attendees then noted the importance and timeliness of this plan development. The Commission was given a corresponding instruction.

Developing joint manufacture of vaccines was one of the key talking points at the meeting between Artak Kamalyan, Member of the Board – EEC Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture, and management of the Eurasian Development Bank in December 2020.

It is too soon to talk about terms and forms of cooperation - the details have yet to be finalized. However, everyone realizes the importance of solving this problem in a timely manner. Therefore, I am sure that all the issues will be agreed upon soon,"
Artak Kamalyan stressed.

In December last year, the plan for manufacturing strategically vital medicines was finalized, approved by representatives of the EAEU countries’ authorized bodies and submitted for public discussion on the EEC website.

In addition to a number of measures aimed at boosting the development of the Union’s pharmaceutical industry and deepening cooperation with the view of import substitution for the production of strategically vital medicines and pharmaceutical substances, the draft plan includes developing joint manufacture of a vaccine against the coronavirus infection. Given the immediacy of the problem and the initiative to jointly manufacture the vaccine at the Eurasian level, announced at the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council’s meeting held on December 11 last year in Minsk, the Commission and the Russian Private Equity Fund (RDIF) began addressing the issue of creating a joint production of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in the Member States.

By year end 2020, the RDIF jointly with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan diligently drafted the organizational issues required, established the transfer of relevant technologies and launched a vaccine production line at the facilities of the Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex. It is expected that the production volume will reach 300 ths doses of the vaccine per month. At the moment, more than 90 ths doses have already been manufactured, which will be sent for vaccination of the population after completing all registration procedures.

In total, Kazakhstan plans to manufacture at least two million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine.

The medicine will be distributed in the Kazakh territory within cooperation between the RDIF and SK-Pharmacy, a single distributor of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the near future, Belarus will start manufacturing the Sputnik V vaccine in as well. A number of agreements have already been signed on interaction in terms of local manufacturing content and the transfer of relevant technologies has been established.

Besides, the issue of involving pharmaceutical manufacturers from Armenia and Kyrgyzstan in developing joint ventures is on the table at the Eurasian Economic Commission’s venue.​