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EEC restored bona fide competition in tea beverage market

EEC restored bona fide competition in tea beverage market


The Department for Antitrust Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission involving representatives of the competition agencies of the Eurasian Economic Union countries has approved and issued a Proposal to eliminate violations of the general competition rules in the transboundary market of tea beverages. In September last year, the Greenfield tea manufacturer - Orimi Group of Companies, filed an application with the Commission about unfair competition on the part of a number of companies registered in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The trademark owner claimed that the design of labels of tea beverages sold by the companies listed in the application was "confusingly similar" to the Greenfield trademarks.

According to the applicant, this misinforms consumers and can be qualified as a sign of unfair competition. According to the Proposal issued by the EEC Department for Antitrust Regulation, the companies will not manufacture and sell goods similar to the Applicant's goods. Besides, they will stop the procedure for protecting a similar trademark under the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All the parties have fully agreed with the Commission's proposal and started implementing it.