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Domestic Markets Operation Department has been formed in the EEC

Domestic Markets Operation Department has been formed in the EEC


On March 1, Decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission No. 1 dated February 12, 2016, which provides for the formation of the Department for functioning of the internal market within the structure of the Eurasian Economic Commission, comes into effect.

The need for a coherent and effective removal of barriers, exclusions and restrictions in the domestic market of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has been repeatedly emphasized by the Presidents of the EAEU countries. It is precisely for these purposes that the new Department is being created, its main task consisting in ensuring the functioning of the single market within the Union with exercising the freedom of movement of services, capital and workforce.

"In the areas of economic activity, in which the Member States of the Union have agreed on the formation of the single market, entrepreneurs have the right to execute the smooth bilateral trade”, said the Member of the Board - Minister in charge of Domestic Markets, Informatization, Information and Communications technologies of the EEC Karine Minasyan. “At present, the Commission is creating new mechanisms to eliminate barriers, exclusions and restrictions in mutual trade”.

According to the EEC Minister, in order to effectively achieve the set goals it is necessary that representatives of business community of the EAEU, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, actively participate in this process, because of their special sensitivity to barriers in the market.