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Intercontinental Cooperation Dialogue EAEU – Latin America and the Caribbean Monitoring of Integration Processes Indexes of integration

Intercontinental Cooperation Dialogue EAEU – Latin America and the Caribbean Monitoring of Integration Processes Indexes of integration

The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) jointly with the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System  (SELA), and Latin American Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ILA RAS) organize an international round table discussion (conference) devoted to the monitoring aspects of the regional integration processes development. 

Regional integration developments as well as global search for the additional economic driving forces of the regional blocs’ strategic sustainable development makes integration monitoring a compulsory exercise to identify
“narrow” aspects of countries integration cooperation. 

Today there are several methodological approaches applied for integration processes monitoring, such as in the European Union, ASEAN, and Latin American and the Caribbean countries.

The Eurasian Economic Commission has elaborated its own methodology applicable for the EAEU Member States including other regional integration blocs and organizations which comprises the best practices worldwide in this area.

In particular, the EEC methodology allows identifying common features of the integration development globally and also identifies a set of special indexes of regional integration to assess the level of integration cooperation for regional blocs and organizations of the modern world.

Unification of existing approaches for integration processes monitoring, building linkages between indexes of integration and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and inclusive development parameters form the basement of the EAEU cooperation with other regional international organizations and integration associations.

Principal purpose of the event
is to discuss existing evaluation practices of the integration cooperation among countries with the help of methodological approaches and integration indexes applied against leading regional integration blocks.

  • Welcome address:
Ms. Tatiana Valovaya, Minister in charge of Integration and Macroeconomics, Eurasian Economic Commission;
Mr. Alexander Shchetinin, Director, Latinamerican Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation;
  • ​​​CEPAL Presentation «Current state and perspectives of regional integration development of the Latin America and the Caribbean (via teleconference Santiago, Chile);
  • SELA Presentation «Methodological approaches for the integration cooperation’ assessment of Latin American countries» (via teleconference Caracas, Venezuela);
  • EEC Presentation «System of Indexes of integration as an analytical  instrument for the regional integration blocs»;​
  • ILA IRA Expert overview «Comparative analyses of the existing mechanism of regional integration evaluation in the framework of regional blocs ». Rapid-analysis EU-ASEAN-EAEU-LA.

Venue: Conference Hall (10th floor), 2, bld. 2,Letnikovskaya Street, , Moscow, Russia

Date:   1 December 2017      Meeting starts at:  15:00

R.S.V.P: Ms. Yulia Rumyantseva, e-mail:, phone +7(495)669-24-00 (ext. 4698) no later than COB November 30th.

Focal point: Ms. Larissa Plachinda, Deputy Head of Coordination Section Macroeconomic Policy Department, tel. +7(495)6692400 (ext. 4655),

Everybody interested is invited!

Working languages – Spanish, Russian, English

(Simultaneous translation is provided)

Event is open for media