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Об итогах внешней и взаимной торговли товарами Таможенного союза в январе-июне 2012 г.
28 августа 2012 | Таможенно-тарифное регулирование

По оперативным данным объем внешней торговли товарами государств – членов Таможенного союза за январь-июнь 2012 г. составил 459,6 млрд. долларов США, в том числе экспорт – 302,9 млрд. долларов США, импорт – 156,7 млрд. долларов США. Стоимостной объем экспорта по сравнению с январем-июнем 2011 г. в текущих ценах увеличился на 9,7%, или на 26,9 млрд. долларов США, импорта – на 4,8%, или на 7,2 млрд. долларов США.

Plan for harmonizing EAEU countries’ legislation in financial sector to be considered before year-end
24 July | Economy and financial policy

The issues of implementing the Concept for forming a common financial market of the Eurasian Economic Union were discussed at the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Financial Markets under the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission. The meeting chaired by Timur Zhaksylykov, Minister in charge of Economy and Financial Policy of the Commission, was held on July 23 at the EEC’s headquarters in Moscow.

Mikhail Myasnikovich held meeting with Nikolay Podguzov, Chairman of EDB Board
23 July | Chairman of the EEC Board

Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, and Nikolay Podguzov, Chairman of the Board of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB), discussed prospects for investment activities on recovering economies of the Eurasian Economic Union countries after the pandemic and expanding trade and economic relations at a meeting in the EEC.

Prospects for cooperation between EAEU and Thailand discussed at business forum
23 July | Integration and Macroeconomics

Issues of restoring trade and economic cooperation after the COVID-19 pandemic were the focus of attention at the Russia-Thailand Business Forum held on July 22 via videoconferencing.

EAEU predicts positive balance of foreign trade and full self-sufficiency in core agricultural products
21 July | Chairman of the EEC Board | Industry and agriculture

On July 21, the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission approved joint forecasts for developing the agricultural sector and the supply and demand balance of the EAEU States for agricultural products, food, flax, rawstock, cotton and wool for 2020-2021. Then, the document will be considered by the EEC Council and the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council

EEC starts developing acts to confirm country of goods origin within EAEU for public procurement purposes
21 July | Chairman of the EEC Board | Competition and Antitrust regulation

The Eurasian Intergovernmental Council has adopted a disposition required for the EAEU States’ manufacturers to determine the country of goods origin in public procurement.

Viktor Nekrashevich appointed Director of EEC Administrative Department
21 July | Chairman of the EEC Board

Viktor Vladimirovich Nekrashevich was born on September 21, 1969 in the Republic of Belarus.

EAEU countries’ Chief Sanitary Inspectors discussed preparing Union documents amid COVID-19 pandemic and easing current restrictions
21 July | Technical Regulation

The meeting of the Council of Heads of authorized bodies in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the Eurasian Economic Union has presented information on approving by the Intergovernmental Council a Comprehensive Plan in the field of health and sanitary and epidemiological welfare on preventing the spread of coronavirus infection and other infectious diseases in the EAEU as well as approving by the EEC Board provisional sanitary and epidemiological requirements to organizing the work of "green corridor (transportation route)" facilities at the customs border and customs territory of the Union.

Origin of goods information to be newly reflected in customs declaration since January 1, 2021
21 July | Customs cooperation

The Members of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council reached">arrangements at a meeting in Minsk on enacting relevant Decision adopted by the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission on changing the Procedure for filling in the declaration for goods.

EAEU to develop international treaty on using navigation seals in transporting goods
21 July | Customs cooperation

On July 20, the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission instructed the EEC Board, jointly with the Governments of the States of the Eurasian Economic Union, to develop a draft international treaty on using navigation seals in transporting goods across the territories of two or more Union States.

Goar Barseghyan appointed Director of EEC Integration Development Department
21 July | Integration and Macroeconomics

Goar Ashotovna Barseghyan graduated from the Faculty of International Relations of Yerevan State University and the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna (Austria).