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Об итогах внешней и взаимной торговли товарами Таможенного союза в январе-июне 2012 г.
28 августа 2012 | Таможенно-тарифное регулирование

По оперативным данным объем внешней торговли товарами государств – членов Таможенного союза за январь-июнь 2012 г. составил 459,6 млрд. долларов США, в том числе экспорт – 302,9 млрд. долларов США, импорт – 156,7 млрд. долларов США. Стоимостной объем экспорта по сравнению с январем-июнем 2011 г. в текущих ценах увеличился на 9,7%, или на 26,9 млрд. долларов США, импорта – на 4,8%, или на 7,2 млрд. долларов США.

Terms for applying standards to technical regulation on pyrotechnic products extended
29 July | Technical Regulation

The EEC Board extended the term for applying two national standards of the Russian Federation GOST R 51270-99 "Pyrotechnic Products. General Safety Requirements" and GOST R 51271-99 "Pyrotechnic Products. Testing Methods" included in the lists of standards to the Union's technical regulation "On Safety of Pyrotechnic Products" (TR CU 016/2011) from July 1, 2020 to July 1, 2023.

EEC continues dialogue with the CIS Interstate Council
28 July | Technical Regulation

The Eurasian Economic Commission's delegation took part in the 57th meeting of the Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (ISC) of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) via videoconferencing.

EAEU countries’ Chief Sanitary Inspectors discussed preparing Union documents amid COVID-19 pandemic and easing current restrictions
21 July | Technical Regulation

The meeting of the Council of Heads of authorized bodies in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the Eurasian Economic Union has presented information on approving by the Intergovernmental Council a Comprehensive Plan in the field of health and sanitary and epidemiological welfare on preventing the spread of coronavirus infection and other infectious diseases in the EAEU as well as approving by the EEC Board provisional sanitary and epidemiological requirements to organizing the work of "green corridor (transportation route)" facilities at the customs border and customs territory of the Union.

Plan to control COVID-19 and other infectious diseases adopted
17 July | Chairman of the EEC Board | Technical Regulation

The Intergovernmental Council has approved a Comprehensive Plan of measures in the field of health and sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population to prevent spreading coronavirus in the Eurasian Economic Union.

Domestic gas appliances to become safer
13 July | Chairman of the EEC Board | Technical Regulation

The EEC Council has included amendments to the Technical Regulation "On safety of devices operating on gaseous fuel" in the plan for elaborating the Eurasian Economic Union technical regulation.

Amendments to Technical Regulation "On food safety" come into force
10 July | Technical Regulation

On July 11, amendments to the Union's Technical Regulation "On food safety", adopted by Decision No. 115 of the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Council dated August 8, 2019, come into force.

Union Technical Regulation supplemented with requirements to "reconstituted milk"
10 July | Technical Regulation

Amendments have been made to the Eurasian Economic Union’s Technical Regulation "On safety of milk and dairy products". The document has been supplemented with requirements to "reconstituted milk" included in the category of dairy products packaged in consumer packaging. Therefore, an ambiguity about its identification and safety indicators has been removed.

EAEU improved mechanism of phytosanitary quarantine control
10 July | Technical Regulation

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Council has approved amendments to the Regulation on the procedure for implementing phytosanitary quarantine control (supervision) within the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

"Green corridors" between EAEU countries to become safer
07 July | Technical Regulation

The EEC Board has approved sanitary and epidemiological recommendations to prevent spreading COVID-19. The document contains proposals for arranging the work of "green corridors" facilities at the customs border and the EAEU customs territory, including preventive and disinfecting measures. These facilities include filling stations, maintenance stations, rest and food service stations for drivers.

EEC's online course on Eurasian integration started
07 July | Chairman of the EEC Board | Integration and Macroeconomics | Competition and Antitrust regulation | Industry and agriculture | Customs cooperation | Technical Regulation | Trade | Economy and financial policy | Internal markets, informatization, information and communication technologies

Today, the Eurasian Economic Commission has launched an">online course "The EAEU: what it is and how it works" in the open E-education system "Universarium". The course will be available 24/7. A certificate will be issued for free based on the training results if the tests are successfully passed.