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​Working groups

​Working groups

In  2013 the Department of industrial policy carried out work in 4 working groups,while two of them were formed  in the first quarter of 2013:
1) By  main directions of intensification of industrial cooperation of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan  and the Russian Federation, provision of coordination of  national industrial  policies  with  prospects  of pursuing  the coordinated industrial policy.
The department worked out  proposals  for a draft Agreement  about industrial policy within the frameworks of CFMZ which were considered by experts during the first meeting  of the working group which took place on April5, 2013. By the results  of a meeting  the participants reached an agreement to  continue work  with proposals  with the aim of preparation  of a draft Agreement on industrial  policy in CFMZ on their basis. 
2) By preparation of proposals for cooperation  within frameworks  of formation of  technological platforms by directions.
The Department performed: ameeting of the working group and three meetings in subgroups by technological platforms "Biogroup", "Lighting equipment" and "Super-computers" for discussion of the issues of platforms functioning, as well as  performance of introductory  presentations for profiled organizations  of the Parties. Applications  about joining the  "Medical Science of Future" Co. were signed by the results of a meeting of the subgroup  "Biogroup", RGP ""National Centre of Biotechnologies" (RK) and  "Altai Geological and  Ecological  Institute" (RK).  
3) By development  of the terms of organization of  new automobile assembly productions and development of new ones on the territories of the state-members of the Customs Union and CFMZ:
The department formed and sent to the Parties for approval its proposals  for parameters and terms of organization and development  of industrial automobile assembly productions which were established since January 1, 2013 on the territory of the states of the Customs Union  and CFMZ in execution of  clause 4 of the Decision  of the Councilof Commission , dated July 20, 2012 and clause 2 of the draft  recommendation of the Commission Council approved by  the decision  of the Board of  the Commission , dated december 12, 2012, No 277; on April 25, 2013  the automobile assembly working groupmet   inthe video conference mode.  As the result of discussions of the terms and parameters of development of industrialassembly prodductions established since January 2013 on the territories of member-states of the   Customs Union and CFMZ, experts of the Parties fully agreed  6 positions out of 9. 
4) By preparation of  the procedure of development and implementation of  inter-state programs within the frameworks of CFMZ
The Department prepared a draft approach  to formation, implementation and financing of inter-state programs and projects within the frameworks of  CFMZ.  A draft document was considered  was considered by  experts of the Parties  at the first meeting  of the working group which took place on April 5, 2013.  As the results of themeeting  the participants agreed to  continue work for the project of approaches with the aim of  preparation on its basis of the Provision  on the procedure of elaboration and  implementation of  inter-state programs  and projects within the frameworks of  CFMZ.