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International activities

International activities


For the purpose of international cooperation a number of conferences, workshops and exhibitions were held, where the main directions and objectives of the SES activity in the agricultural sector, as well as possible ways of cooperation were defined.

- The 5th Astana Economic Forum, report delivery at the thematic round table meeting “Member States of the Customs Union:  a Common Agricultural Hub” on benefits created by the Customs Union and Single Economic Space for agricultural commodity producers (May 22-24, 2012);

- International Conference “The Accession of Russia to the WTO: the Effect on the Agricultural Sector” (Russian Federation, June 2012). Mutually beneficial cooperation with the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN was agreed at the conference by way of execution of the Memorandum​;

- International Workshop ABIC Biological Laboratories LTD (Tel-Aviv, Israel, July, October 2012) held to examine the practical maintenance of epizootic well-being of poultry enterprises in order to assess the possible use of the experience in the member states of the CU and SES;

- Eurasian Forum of Vegetable Growers (Grodno Region, Republic of Belarus, August 2012) held to discuss benefits and challenges of international cooperation faced during implementation of interstate programs and projects;

- European Conference on Food Security (Kingdom of Belgium, September 2012) held to examine the experience of development and implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union and discuss the areas of cooperation with the Department for Agricultural and Rural Development of the European Commission;

- Workshop “Main Areas of Activity and Prospects for Cooperation with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)” (Russian Federation, October 2012) held to discuss potential areas of cooperation with the IFAD in order to increase the availability of financial services, markets, technologies, land and other natural resources for rural population;

- 1st International Congress “EurAsEC AGRO-2012” (Russian Federation, October 2012) held to discuss the conditions and possible effects of accession of Russia to the WTO for the agricultural sector of the member states of the CU and SES;

Furthermore, following the meeting with the Ambassador of New Zealand, the execution of the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of agriculture between the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Ministry of Primary Industry of New Zealand is negotiated, the purpose of which is to transfer agricultural technologies to the member states of the Customs Union, expand the commodity markets and raise funds.

Moreover, the priority international organizations are listed, which will be negotiated for cooperation in the agro-industrial sector (execution of memoranda, agreements) as follows:

- development and implementation of the policy aimed to achieve the highest and the most sustainable growth in the agribusiness;

- international exchange of scientific and technical information and regulations regarding agricultural production, food processing, marketing and distribution;

- creation of favorable conditions for trade and fund-raising in the agri-food sector;

- food security;

- financial and technical support of projects of agricultural development in order to increase food production;

- expansion of the grain market;

- development of high-performance technologies of food production;

- promotion of livestock, poultry, crop production, breeding new plant varieties, conservation and utilization of genetic resources of animals and plants;

- promotion of all types of engineering works in agriculture.