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  • How does the Eurasian Economic Union operate?
  • When the idea of Eurasian Economic integration was announced for the first time?
  • What is the organizational structure of the Eurasian Economic Union and decision-making process by the EAEU bodies?
  • How does the EAEU ensure transparency of decision-making?
  • How the EAEU budget is formed?
  • What matters are regulated by the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union?
  • Is the accession of new members to the Eurasian Economic Union possible?
  • What is the Eurasian Economic Commission, what are its functions and powers?
  • How will the use of RFID tags affect the cost of shoes, if such an initiative is implemented?
  • What body shall one contact concerning accreditation of a consulting company for the introduction of the EAEU technical regulations at enterprises in the EAEU countries?
  • How will the requirement for mandatory equipping cars with emergency response devices affect the importation of used cars?
  • Who will bear the financial burden in connection with the decision on access to the Russian system of compulsory health insurance for workers from the EAEU countries?
  • Where the final versions of the documents are available?
  • So, how is it correct - EurAsEC or EAEU?